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Work History

U.S Army Corps of Engineers Projects:

Ft. Drum, New York

Brigade Combat Team I

Two Company (Infantry) Operations Facility

Two Company (field artillery) Operations Facility

5 Company Operations Facility

6 Company Operations Facility

Brigade Combat Team II

108 Person Barracks

Two 204 Person Barracks

Company Operations Facility

Brigade Combat Team III

Dining Facility

246 Person Barracks

63rd EOD Battalion

Battalion Headquarters Facility

Unit Operations Facility

91st MP Battalion

Three 328 Person Barracks

7th Engineering Battalion

Dining Facility

Battalion Headquarters Facility

Unit Operations Facility

Warriors in Transition Unit

Unit Headquarters Facility


Barracks Addition

Non-Government Facilities:

Rome Fish Hatchery, Rome, NY

Rochester Genesee Regional transportation Authority (RGRTA) Rochester,NY

Williams College, Williamstown, MA

Stetson Library

Shapiro Hall

Hollander Hall

SUNY Buffalo, Buffalo, NY

Phoenix Central School District, Phoenix, NY

Liberty Central School District, Liberty, NY

University of Central Florida

Engineering Building

6 Story Harbor Pilot House, Boston, MA

ProLogis 850,000 sq ft warehouse Morris, IL

Armed Forces Reserve Center

EAB Barracks

246 Person Barracks

216 Person Barracks

Ft. Dix, New Jersey

Combined Maintenance Facility

Armed Forces Reserve Center

Wright-Patterson AFB, Ohio

711th Human Performance Wing

North Building

South Building

Pipeline Barracks

Defense Supply Center, Columbus, OH

Ft. Jackson, South Carolina

Consolidated Drill Sergeant School

Dining Facility

Headquarters and Classroom Facility

Ft. Benning, Georgia

Training Support Brigade

Two Vehicle Maintenance Construction Facilities (VMIF)

Two Tactical Equipment Maintenance Facilities (TEMF)

Fire Station